Stay N Love Motivations
  "You Are Loved And You Matter"

Vanessa Klinger
Intuitive Life Srategist & Life Coach Motivator

A Little About Me:

I'm a person who has gone through life with questions and have been blessed by God with the answers.  I believe and know that these answers and strategies that I have received will help you in discovering the authentic you, and when you meet yourself, you will exclaim "Where have you been all my life!"

I have counseled and prayed for hundreds of people throughout my life's journey. I have discovered the number one thing we all ask and that its "Do I matter?" The answer is YES! And to top that YOU are also loved!

 Stay N Love Motivations
The Only Person Keeping You From What You YOU!!!
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Weekly Video Posts
April 14 2014-Reactor Or Responder

April 7 2014- Hiding Behind Jesus

March 31 2014-The Benefits of Finally Letting Go

March 24-Standing In Your Truth
March 17-Making The Connection
March 10-New World New Life

March 3 2014-BEing In The Moment

Season 2 -Coming in March 2014

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